Monday, April 20, 2009

You own to yourself a 'spiritual mentor'

Hello fellow members of the Medical Society of Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria!  It was a pleasure to meet all of you at the first meeting in February.  As Father Robert Kosek, CRSP and  Dr. Maria Ramos explained, one of the objectives is a spiritual mentorship between practicing physicians and medical students/residents.  As a medical student, I think there are many benefits to this mentorship.  Since I know we are all very busy, I think just a small time commitment would be appropriate.  My idea would be to match up a doctor with a student who would then exchange email addresses.  To begin, I suggest just a once monthly email exchange, which will of course be left up to the discretion of the pair.  I think the most useful tool for medical students would be exchanging prayers for each other.  For example, if the student had a big exam or challenging clinical rotation coming up, he or she would ask the physician to pray for that specific request, and would in return pray for anything the physician asks.  The pairs could also exchange any clinical advice or expertise, and any ethical dilemmas, etc.  This is very flexible and again, will be based on the personal needs of each pair.  I am currently working on recruiting any interested medical students from my school.  I welcome any thoughts and feedback from the members of the group!  Thank you!

- Ruth Stefanski, 4th year medical student  

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