Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Healing Story of the Man Born Blind

by Maria Ramos, M.D.

On March 21,2009, we discussed the story of the healing of the man born blind in John 9:1-41. Like this blind man, we ask Jesus to heal our own blindness, to open our eyes and hearts to Him.

During our scriptural reflection, we were able to recognize that, for our continued conversion, we need to change our old habits. Some of our habits are founded on our pride. This pride is directly related to our individual cultural background. As doctors, we need to nurture our relationship with God. And we do this by making time for God and by receiving the sacraments regularly, especially the sacrament of reconciliation. Confession, as we know, is very important in our conversion because it gives us supernatural grace and keeps us always humble. By making time with God and by receiving the sacraments, we become instruments of God to our patients who are physically very sick, and are also spiritually very sick. We then can build a good doctor – patient relationship through our charity and good works.

Our conversion, that is, living a life in imitation to Christ, is a life-long process. We both struggle to overcome our weaknesses, and to remain faithful to our resolve to do good. Sometimes when we get closer to God, the struggle becomes even harder. It is important then that we keep our trust in Jesus; he alone can light our way and can help us to see the path we are treading on. For Jesus is our friend in our life’s journey. He will surely never make us falter.